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Basic funeral services
Domestic and International Logistics
•	Documentation •	Preparations, Makeup •	Embalming •	Funeral Vehicles •	Memorial services •	Catering for viewing •	Flowers •	Coffins (metal / wood) •	Urns (metal / wood) •	Ecological Urns •	Tree of Life Urns(biodegradable urns that tranform intoa living tree)
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Honor   the   wishes   of   your   loved   one   with   cremation.      No   matter what   kind   of   service   you   choose,   we   have   customizable   packages that   can   simplify   the   process,   while   taking   into   account   your   loved one’s wishes. Please   e-mail   or   call   us   so   we   can   assist   you.      We   are   here   to assist you with you questions and preparations
(+506) 2221.7372